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Crypto 2.0 Projects Consulting

Crypto currencies, Smart contracts and Decentralized Autonomous Organisation

About us

Bitfork Develop is a team of developers, who passioned about crypto currencies. Since 2011 we have begun offering our services as crypto currencies and related technologies consultants. Nowdays we are involved in research Crypto 2.0 technologies (Crypto currency + Smart Contracts + DAO).

Crypto 2.0 is much bigger than just paying for your services with Bitcoin and other alternative coins. It gives us massive advantages in another areas, such as security, scalability etc. So there are huge possibilities for entrepreneurs with Crypto 2.0 techonologies and we are glad to assist you in determining what you need and how it will be work.

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What we can do for you

Technology Consulting

You can save time and money by writing correct Requirements Specifications for your Crypto 2.0 Project. We provide consultations to ensure proposed solutions are realistic and help you to set proper requirements for the best result.

Project Management

For successfull delivering your Crypto 2.0 project we can act as interim project managers with your developing team. Consult with us to make sure your project on the right way.

User Interface & Experience (UI/UX)

The user interface and experience is an integral part of any project. Whether it is a product or service, an app or a website, bad user experience can ruin entire project even with great idea. We understand that there is not enough to draw nice picture and we love to create UI/UX design by looking into the psychology behind the user interface. We can create UI/UX design from the start or help you identify problems with existing designs and provide solutions to these problems.

Setting up for Production

One of the most important part of a new project is launching it properly. We accurately test project, identify its key challenges, focus on drawbacks and notice benefits of the project to succed at startup.

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